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Ambitions achieved, new world record & some personal bests @ Elvington May 'Top Speed' event


Elvington Airfield, North Yorks was the location once again for Straightliners Events / UK Timing Association (UKTA) standing mile top speed event last weekend. Weather on Saturday was affected by a strong sidewind but Sunday was perfect allowing 14 riders to exceed 200mph. Zef Eisenberg set a new Turbine Wheel Powered world record on the Madmax machine. Now fitted with a front fairing Zef was slightly disappointed not to have broken his record by a bigger margin but aerodynamics are probably more complex than Zef and the team thought. His new mark 234.010.

Zef Eisenberg & turbine bike in action (photo Steve McDonald)



Steve Bland, riding his Holeshot tuned turbo Hyabusa, achieved his ambition of a run at 250mph and ended up running 251.744 to take the fastest speed of the weekend. Steve promising the kids a McDonald's on the way home and a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Les Marsh with consistently quick speeds all weekend ended on 248.468.


Wheelie riders

Dodge ran the fastest wheelie of the weekend 153.015 just ahead of Nev Moss with 152.796.


Fastest shed

Kevin Nicks ran the 2.8ltr VW shed at 79.434 down on his world record best.



Jack Frost ran his ZX10R turbo quickest In class at 209.146. There was a new personal best for 69 year old Bob Clegg at 205.630 after altering the gearing on his H2 Kawasaki.



Geoff Bland, Steve dad, was running with nitrous on the GSXR 1000 managing 189.848.



Normally aspirated Hyabusa mounted Terry Smith, last year's fastest at Pendine, put down a best 202.222.



Only running on Saturday Lee Woodcock wound his 600 Suzuki up to 126.546



Ken Gilroy achieved 174.144 on the windy Saturday.



Straightliners drag race regular Michael Austin brought along his ZZR1400 KAWASAKI road bike with the sole intention of a couple of Run What You Brung runs just to get a feel of Top Speed events. He was persuaded,after Saturday, to have a real go in this class on Sunday and the result for Mike, who has a prosthetic left leg, was fastest on 188.843 just edging out Steve Cambers with 188.094.



Hugh Brown rode his Triumph 650 Bonneville to a best 93.967.



After several years of problems for Neil Conways 1970s Piper Kawasaki it all came right with Neil on an impressive 146.352.



Jack Frost, who runs Holeshot racing, was struggling trying out some new all enveloping bodywork on the turbo Busa ,the wind on Saturday not helping the development process. With conditions much better on Sunday Jack managed a 250.772 but suffered with gearshift problems, the bodywork restricting movement on the gear change foot after airshifter problems. Second was Becci Ellis with the newly built BDR Busapaws 2. Mick, Alan and Mark working away in the pits. Becci said her first run would just be a steady run if you can call 194 steady! working up to 231.6. In the same class there were personal bests for Dazz Rose, 203.467 and riding the same bike Kyrssie Chittendon just shy of 200 at195.5.

 Jack Frost in action (photo Phil Evans)



Allen Millyard, he of the many crazy motorcycle creations, brought along another, a 1974 Honda SS50 now fitted with a Kawasaki 250 KXF Motocross engine. Geared for 110 Allen clocked 93.743.



Mike Pitfield ran the Skyteam Ace to a best of 71.677.



Henry Cole was along filming for his tv programme and rode a classic 1963 supercharged 500 Triumph twin. We'll leave it for Henry to reveal his speed on the programme,his last run ending with the blower pulley detaching.



Allen Millyard rode his most famous creation, the V10 8ltr Dodge Viper engined beast. With a dose of brave pills and hanging on for grim death Allen wound the huge machine up to 182.456.


MPS-BG 125

Riding on Saturday only Stuart Horn on the supercharged Honda 125 ran a personal best 85.208.


APS-VBF -500

Martin Wilmott with several decades of sprinting experience brought along another of the old style methanol burning supercharged Triumph twins. Suffering with a persistent misfire he still managed 113.357.



Trevor Duckworth on his lay down three wheeler just cracked the 100mph barrier with 100.033 but only just made it across the mile line as the engine seized.



James Winter on a Charley Edmonds tuned and Eric Cope on a Taylor Tuned 250 full body Lambrettas, utilised the 45hp to good effect with personal bests just 0.285mph apart, James on 106.719 and Eric 106.434. Eric also ran the Frank Osgood Lambretta sprinter to 101.434 although without the dustbin fairing, it was causing handling issues.


Thrust Driven Streamliner

Richard Brown brought along the Jet Reaction for more testing, a new braking system working well fortunately after Richard mistakenly lit the afterburner after the mile mark causing a few sweaty palms. A best of 206.4 being achieved.


Gas Lakster

James Prat drove his Hot Rod based on a pair of 1926 model T Ford chassis rails and a side valve 100E engine, 92.668 his best.


Mono wheel 

Kevin Scott and Tom Anable dueled for honours. Kevin quickest with 62.612 Tom a disappointing 38.082 trying out new gearing.


Another successful meeting with the action moving to the famous Pendine Sands, Wales next weekend 21st / 22nd May.


Written by Paul Cumpstone

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Crosswinds curtail speeds at Straightliners 'Top Speed' event at Elvington, North Yorks

A side wind held speeds down on the first day of Straightliners Yorkshire Mile and British National records at Elvington, North Yorks. Having said still three riders achieved personal bests and 8 riders were over the magic 200mph.

Fastest speed of the day was Les Marsh with a credible 241.8mph, the quickest in M-BG -1350

P~BG ~1000
Bob Clegg rode his Kawasaki H2 to 203.1.

P~BG ~1350
After a first run and a bad miss fire problem Steve Bland eventually did 224.7.

Geoff Bland's nitrous GSXR 1000, posted a 180.8

Terry Smith was just shy of 200mph at 197.2

P~P~ 650

Lee Woodcock rode his 600 Suzuki to 126.5

P~ P~1350
Ken Gilroy built up to a 174.1 late in the day

Zef Eisenberg just pipped Steve Cambers by 1.7mph, both on ZZR1400 Kawasaki S Zefs best 183.77

Triumph Bonneville riding Hugh Brown's best run was 93.9

After years of preparation for top speed events Neil Conway on his 70s Piper Kawasaki achieved a best of 146.3

The Skyteam Ace of Mick Pitfield ran 66.6

Chris Hawkshaw eventually cracked the 120 barrier with a 122.8 on his turbocharged 650 Bonneville twin

Hoping to eventually take the supercharged Honda 125 to Bonneville Stuart Horn and the team have worked hard through the winter. A new personal best was achieved at 85.2mph, 69 the previous best.

The old style supercharged Triumph twin of Martin Wilmott ran113.3 best.

Trevor Duckworth just cracked the 100mph with 100.3 on his Yamaha engined 3 wheeler but it only just made it the engine detonating and stopping just after the finish line.

James Winter on his Taylor Tuned Lambretta full body was quickest on 105.3 ,Eric Cope not quite living up to his recent form.

Thrust driven Streamliner 
Richard Brown brought Jet Reaction for some more development runs his best a 167.5

Turbine wheel powered
Now with a fairing on the Madmax bike Zef Eisenberg best was 218.6.

Gaz lakester
James Pratt with his Hot Rod was shy of his best posting 92.6.

Wheelie class
R1 Yamaha mounted Tom Swales managed 142.8 despite the cross wind.

Other riders achieving personal bests were Dazz Rose 203.4 and Marvin Campbell 207.7.

More action tomorrow at Elvington so let's hope for a more favourable wind.

Written by Paul Cumpstone

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400+mph ‘jet bike’, 'Fastest Shed' & turbine bike speed test at Elvington Airfield

400+mph Jet Reaction ‘jetbike’ speed tests at Elvington Airfield, North Yorks as part of Straighteners Events top speed meeting on Saturday 15th May. If conditions are right and the jetbike is performing well it may break British land speed record.  The speed tests are in preparation for a world land speed record attempt at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA which may reach 400mph.  

Richard Brown & Jet Reaction ‘jetbike’ (photo Worldreach)

Enclosed in a space age body the vehicle is uniquely propelled by a specially modified helicopter engine complete with an afterburner! Richard Brown (51), an Oxfordshire based in engineer, conceived and built a vehicle. In 1999 Richard rode his rocket powered creation Mach 3 Challenger to an officially recorded speed of 332.887mph, the fastest speed at that time.  This happened at Bonneville Salt Flats also and previous to that Richard designed and built another vehicle so he has a long history in this area.  All of this has been self-financed for the most part with the support of an expert group of volunteers. 


Zeff Eisenberg and his 'MADMAX' Turbine motorbike (photo Becci Ellis)

Guernsey business man Zeff Eisenberg on his world record breaking £350,000 helicopter engined 'MADMAX' Turbine motorbike. The reason for this considerable investment is the Rolls Royce turbine, which require specialist tools, attention, safety and care. Zeff, a 43 year old father of two, and his team took four years to design, build and get to where it can set or break world speed records. As well as the turbine bike the 'MADMAX Race TEAM' has produced a range of other unique vehicles and bikes and their is funded based of Zeff's previous business success. Speaking about the work of the team he said "I get a lot of pleasure out of creating crazy machines that deliver in the real world. We don't make anything just for looks - Vehicles that looks great and deliver results - is our goal!"

Kevin Kicks & Fastest shed (photo Steve McDonald)
Also present at Elvington will the the ubiquitous 'Fastest shed in the world' driven by designer / builder from Oxford Kevin Nicks. 
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